Meet your Bassgasm DJs, Vol. 1: Easyrider, Aaron Bliss & Kittybump

Meet your Bassgasm DJs, Vol. 1: Easyrider, Aaron Bliss & Kittybump
Bassgasm 1 - Denis Jeong Plaster for CP

There are a lot of reasons people go to parties, but just one that will unite hundreds of dance music fans from around the Midwest for one of Woody McBride's legendary massives -- and that, dear friends, is the muthaf**ing bass. Packing 60-some odd DJs and more visuals and surprises than you can fathom, BASSGASM 2 is coming up quickly so we're doing an interview series with 10 of the beat lovers scheduled behind the decks July 23 at First Avenue. Here are 3 locals to get to know now if you've not already: longtime scene rocker Easyrider, former Stepper's Alliance DJ Aaron Bliss and ferocious female duo Kittybump.

The droid you've come for isn't here
The droid you've come for isn't here

Getting to know... EASYRIDER:
Bassgasm top ten Chart:
Lil Silva - Night Skanker EP - Nightslugs
Ikonika - Idiot (Altered Natives Remix) - Hyperdub
Meesha - Daat - Thoughtless Music
Artificial Intelligence - There's a Crowd - V Recordings
Man Like Me - Lovestruck (Brackles Remix) - Black Butter Records
Marky & S.P.Y. - Riff Raff - Digital Soundboy
Four Tet - SIng (Mosca Remix) - Domino
Netsky - Escape fest. Darrison - Hospital Records
Deadboy - If U Want Me - Numbers
My My - Price Tag (Appleblim Remix) - Simple Records

Gimme Noise: How is 2010 treating you?
Easyrider: Things are really looking good, our regular Wednesday night, Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis at First Avenue is running over three years strong now, it keeps growing and evolving, and personally I am very busy between gigs, production and life - I just bought a house this year, so really just enjoying the fantastic Minneapolis lifestyle...

What are you working on currently?
I've completed about 6 tracks earlier this year and I'm now gearing up for another wave. I love a lot of music of different tempos and styles out there right now and I moved my studio into my new house so I've got a whole performance/studio/record repository going on and am really looking to take advantage of the space.

Favorite memory in Minneapolis?
Some of my best Minneapolis memories are Woody's legendary massives, no joke - they really were that amazing and I'm sure Bassgasm will be the same.

What artists are you loving currently?
Mosca, Lil Silva, Original Sin, Altered Natives, Breakage, Danny Byrd, Tinie Tempah

How do you feel about DJing now that the industry has gone digital?
I still buy, collect and play mostly all vinyl in my dnb sets. I use Traktor and Serato in the clubs and at home for everything else...With "DVS" I enjoy the freedom to go back and forth between vinyl and digital. I've got thousands and thousands of records, I can't imagine not being able to return to the source for my inspiration once and awhile. I have an open mind, but to me, vinyl is still in the heart and soul of our culture.

What do you think of the Bassgasm 2 lineup? It's a lot. Guaranteed good time. The last one was legendary.

Any last thoughts? Music will never stop. It will live as long as people are around and maybe a good deal longer.

Mr. Kind Eyes
Mr. Kind Eyes

Getting To Know.... AARON BLISS

Gimme Noise: How is 2010 treating you?
Aaron Bliss: It has been an amazing year for me so far, I've been meeting and working with so many people and learning so many things about the music and the business. 

What are your current creative projects?
I recently started working as the head of North American operations for Air London Music as an artist manger/agent, representing artists like, Kris Wadsworth, MANIK, Kate Simko, Nick Curley, and more.  I'm working on a new pop/r&b flavored house project with Amin Shabazz and Scott Radke. Most recently, I had the honor of working with three of the most amazing promoters in the US to throw a party in Detroit: Beretta, [KONTROL], and Humanaut. Even though the party had a few issues, it was a great experience.

How do you feel the dance music scene has changed most over the last 10 years? I really see dance music growing in the US. And now there are so many amazing parties in the US. Ten years ago, it was unheard of to see a major headliner play a room like the VIP/Record Room and 7th Street. This isn't just happening here in Minneapolis, but all over. El Paso, Pittsburgh, and so many more, and dont get me started on Mexico!  Mexico is on the map big time.  Ten years ago, you didn't see this. I buy it all and I love it all. Its called techno - "tech" short for technology. Embrace it.

What are your thoughts on playing Bassgasm?
Last year, I was allowed to play Both the main room system and the Entry system. For me the Main room system was amazing. The vibe in the Entry was tops, I pretty much spent the whole night in there!

Which Minneapolis artists are you influenced most by?

JET, Prince, Information Society, Chic (Won't you take me to....  Funky town!)

What's your favorite party you've DJed or attended?

DJing would have to be a cross between this last Detroit party and believe it or not, Fargo.  I played a party in Fargo that was broken up due to a blizzard.  EasyRider and myself were invited to play in this little basement at about 4am. We played classics till the sun came up.  The place was packed and the love was amazing. Party wise, there's so many to list but my time in NYC. There was a party there called Bliss and it was the best times dancing in my life. I even took my name from those nights.

What's a we get it
What's a we get it

Getting to know... KITTYBUMP
DOWNLOADABLE MIX: Kibbles & 8 Bits

Gimme Noise: How is 2010 treating you?
Kitty Bump: Quite well thanks! Been working touring the midwest and getting ready to release our new EP, KittyBump presents : Fresh Step (our own new EDM genre).

What is your favorite memory of Minneapolis?
SNDP @ First Avenue!

How do you feel the dance music scene has changed most over the last 10 years?
We're a little saddened that vinyl got kicked out the door, however, it is a great thing to have 1000+ tracks at your fingertips in the digital world these days, but vinyl is our first love. We don't miss the prices of record shopping, but the thought of flipping through stack of vinyl makes us nostalgic. Also, all of the music we grew up on is making a comeback. AWESOME to hear it again.

How do you feel about playing Bassgasm 2?
We're quite familiar with Woody's "wall of bass" parties and are really excited. We're glad you e-mailed this interview instead of live, we can't hear SHIT anymore.

"That's a lot of DJs"
"That's a lot of DJs"

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