Me and My Arrow comb the Twin Cities for records (INTERVIEW)

Me and My Arrow drummer Mitch Miller, guitarist Jacob Grun, bassist Sarah Schneeberger and keyboardist Brian McDonough all enjoy bigger pieces of the Local Bin's pie.
Me and My Arrow drummer Mitch Miller, guitarist Jacob Grun, bassist Sarah Schneeberger and keyboardist Brian McDonough all enjoy bigger pieces of the Local Bin's pie.

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While Minneapolis' Me And My Arrow have distilled their once-mammoth roster to a more traditional five-piece, the group approached this second installment of The Local Bin with a quixotic outlook. 

In a pilgrimage that laid waste to all used vinyl offerings west of the Twin Cities' Mississipi barrier, Me and My Arrow carried their knack for eclecticism across three stores in a friendly game of thrifty sport. With City Pages alumnus and friend-of-the-band Steve Marsh acting as a judging panel of one, the band's two teams left no liner-note unskimmed in their search for the best plastic eight dollars could buy. Check out a video of the tournament along with some more civil discussions before the group plays the West Bank Music Festival at the Triple Rock this Saturday.

Gimme Noise: What was the first album you ever bought?

Sarah Schneeberger: The first record that I remember loving was a Mr. Rogers record, and it had a song on it called, "I Need You." It's the first time I felt emotional about lyrics. It goes, "I need you, so I can be your neighbor/ I need you, so I can be your friend/ I need you, so I can be who I am/ I am your friend." And I just remember it being very moving. The first CD I ever bought though was, Skinny Puppy's Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse. I listened to it maybe twice, and I don't still like it.

Jacob Grun: My first CD was that C+C Music Factory record with "Everybody Dance Now" on it. I'm pretty sure I shoplifted it too. And I still turn it on every once and a while to do some aerobics. I don't remember the first vinyl I ever owned myself. My parents had a bunch of records, like crappy Elton John records that they got from the library. Really bad Elton John records that nobody's ever heard of like The Fox.

Mitch Miller: You guys are probably going to kick me out of the band, but the first CD I ever bought was Smash Mouth's Astro Lounge, 

Jacob Grun: C+C Music Factory, dude.

GN: What's the album in your collection that you guys have to defend to people?

Brian McDonough:

The Madonna Record,

True Blue,

the one with "Papa Don't Preach" on it. I have two copies of it. That's why I have to defend it. 

Jacob Grun: This Gap Band record, The Gap Band III. I'm always pulling that out and trying to convince people that it's good. But it is. 

Sarah Schneeberger: I feel like I have to argue about the Smiths with people a lot, because they're so divisive. I have some friends that just hate The Smiths, and it drives me crazy. It's always, "Oh, I don't like Morrissey's voice, and he's so blah blah blah." 

Steve Marsh: Yeah, we all had that argument in '94. The lyrics are just too beautiful and interesting. 

GN: As Musicians, where do the worlds of being fans of music and being songwriters intersect?

Jacob Grun: It's changed for me now where I don't have the same relationship with music that I did when I was just a listener, because I'm working with it on a daily basis. It's more transparent now, and it's also a lot harder to be inspired.

Brian McDonough: Even going to shows is a lot different now than it was when I was like seventeen. I was still playing then but not as actively and not as seriously. How you listen to things and how you view things when you're doing it for your living is a lot different from when its something that is just leisure time.

West Bank Music Festival. Saturday, August 18. $5 wristband before 10 p.m.; $10 at venues with proceeds to benefit The West Bank.

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