McNally Smith releasing 'Best of 2011' student compilation

McNally Smith releasing 'Best of 2011' student compilation

A few things become clear while spinning this new compilation from the McNally Smith College of Music: They have some incredibly talented students, they have high-quality recording equipment at their disposal, and their latest crop of performers are churning out work from every end of the musical spectrum.

If you're looking to stumble on some brand-spanking-new homegrown music, this compilation is a great starting point. From fusion to folk to hip-hop to singer-songwriter fare, the collection of nine songs has a little something for every palette, hand-selected by the faculty at McNally Smith. A few recommended tracks: Treyenyse Jones' R&B/pop jam "I Need a Love," Peter Remiger's somber Peter Wolf Crier-channeling "Little Mouse," and Mac Milli & Z Boy's rap single "Got Me On."

Stream the entire compilation below, and download a free copy on their Bandcamp page.

The official release date for the comp is this Thursday, when the Best of 2011 class will play a gig at downtown St. Paul's Amsterdam Bar and Hall. More info on the release show here.

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