McNally Smith launches online radio station, iPhone app

College radio has long been a way for hungry music fans to seek out new and offbeat tracks, and with the influx of audio streaming online, web-only music apps have started to have the same effect. McNally Smith has decided to merge these two formats and create their own online college radio station -- and now they are in search of new music to add to their playlist.

Spearheaded by students at the school with help from Composition faculty member J. Anthony Allen, the radio station is currently developing programming and is trying to get the word out to musicians and labels to submit material (submissions can be sent to

"Along with a wide variety of music by 'established artists' and newcomers, we're also playing a lot of student, alumni and faculty work," explains the station's student president, Chester Yourczek, "which means we're airing many leading-edge musicians, from Dessa and Jeremy Messersmith to some of our seasoned rock, jazz and R&B teachers who have deep recording histories."

Though the programming looks a little vague at this point -- one student is promising "a loosely themed hour of music spanning a large range of genres -- faculty leader Allen is confident that the programs will start to expand as more people hear about the station.

"The radio idea was really pushed by students originally," Allen says, "and now that it's up and running and adding shows, I think you will see it grow fairly rapidly and eventually provide a platform for those students interested in radio careers, either online or at terrestrial radio."

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