McKay Hatch: Cursing Crusader!

Finally! A club that makes the chess club look like ultimate playas.

South Pasadena, Calif. has declared the first week of March 'No More Cussing Week'. Yep. No more cursing. High schooler McKay Hatch put the town (population 25,824) up the antics by starting the No Cussing Club at school. According to the AP, McKay told his pals he didn't want to swear anymore, and if they wanted to be his friend, they had to give it up too. Free speech vs. being besties with McKay Hatch. What a dilemma. After consideration, about 50 students joined the club and gave up four-letter words for McKay's friendship. Um, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that after the jocks, bullies, and potential prom dates catch wind of the crew's members, his ranks might dwindle. And then he'll be pretty damn lonely. DAMN. Oh, that feels good. Sorry, McKay.

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