MCA recovering from surgery


Bam! Supernature, God damn! MCA, far right, is recovering well.

It is, as they say in the medical community, " a slam dunk."

Adam Yauch (or Beastie Boys' MCA, if you haven't left the house in 20 years) announced that last week's surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his jaw-piece was a total success. Only one night in the hospital post-op before hip-hop's silver fox was back home eating home cooking? Applesauce.

"Too Many Rappers," from the upcoming Hot Sauce Committee Pt.1. Earplugs recommended.

The fight isn't over, though-- despite bouncing back from surgery like a young pup, Yauch expressed some pretty genuine terror at the prospect of undergoing the upcoming radiation therapy. In an open letter to his fans, he referred to radiation as "a torture."

It's a few weeks out, but we're ready to admit that being exposed to the same natural force that did in a few generations within a thousand square miles of Chernobyl as a curative measure puts the hair up on our arms too.

The initial reports stated that the procedures would leave MCA's vocals unchanged, which is a comfort. On one hand, Yauch has been getting raspier and raspier (read: better and better) with every track since Paul's Boutique. We'd hate to think of the surgery and radiation accelerating that transformation.

But look what's happened to Dylan and Waits. We seem to like our rock stars old and hoary in the voice, and there's no denying that, while Adrock and Mike D. have kept their deliveries in a fine, shrill whistle, MCA just gets better with every bit of grit he spits.

In any case, news of MCA's (knock-on-wood) routine recovery is comforting. Judging by the Beasties' leaked "Too Many Rappers" off their upcoming full length, they're going to need all the character and wisecracks they can get.