MC/VL rock the basement

A little past midnight, MC/VL took the stage in front of 15. The show was a semi-secret affair, at an undisclosed location. After a couple sound checks, the Twin City emcees raced through a forty-minute set, causing enough ruckus to slam at least two audience members to the floor.

Watching these guys perform is like watching someone permanently have their thumb on the B button while playing Excite Bike on the grand ‘ol Nintendo NES. They don’t care if the party overheats and blows apart. In fact, that might be their actual hope.

Sunday night, they were doing hip-hop at a punk venue, and the punk rock bands that opened before them received them like princes. Hip-hop princes that is, men whose triple-striped Addidas pop with gold.

The not too crazy part about the two headlining a punk show is that their styles aren’t that far off. Their screams are loud, beats vicious and movements, erratic. During one point in the MC/VL set, an audience member picked up Mighty Clyde during a song, and Clyde, being a showman with premium concentration, kept on rapping like nothing was happening. The two attacked the crowd with their sounds, spitting into their mics a few inches away from the onlookers. They were daring crowd to either party with them or punch them in the face. The crowd chose the former and the duo responded with more sporadic movements, more pulls off a bottle of Jamison and even more intensity.

Punk has long been associated with basement shows, but MC/VL are showing that party style hip-hop has a place under the family room, too.

By the end of the set the entire crowd was bouncing, clapping and raising their hands in approval. Both Clyde and Vicious Lee were shirtless, sweaty and slightly off balance. When the beats finally stopped, the whole place seemingly dropped to a standstill. The two emcees casually collected their ipod, put their shirts back on and slowly exited the establishment.

Their summer will be filled with more of these intimate performances. Word of mouth is the best way to find out. As is their MySpace page.

And check out our slideshow from their performance at SXSW.

Editorial disclaimer: Vicious Lee occasionally contributes to our music section. But that doesn't sway us from thinking that MC/VL are a totally kick-ass band.

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