MC/VL announce first show in three years

It's a damn shame Curt Flood didn't live to see this moment: Mighty Clyde and Vicious Lee are back to rock the mic. Three and a half years after a farewell show at the departed 501 Club, the hip-hop duo MC/VL are dusting off their old-school rhymes -- filled with braggadocio and name-drops of Twin Cities media professionals -- for a one-off live experience on July 24. "We're only doing this to annoy Chris Riemenschneider," Vicious Lee told Gimme Noise.

Indeed, MC/VL's live audaciousness has been missed. Rumors are swirling that Lee will hop into an unmarked helicopter to leave the Twin Cities immediately after the concert -- possibly before it even ends -- so this could really be their last last show.

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Quick refresher: MC/VL released three albums during their torrid existence. For the 2007 debut, Stance, the guys were "ready to drop a love letter to the gloriously banging electro '80s as a kind of Valentine's Day hangover," according to Steve McPherson. The album is a steal today for $1.99 on Amazon. "That's about what we paid to make it," Lee says.

In 2009, they followed with Jaws -- the touring version was titled Jaws 3-D -- which can still be sampled on their looking-more-retro-all-the-time MySpace page. MC/VL also made a series of tour videos around that time. Here is the first one, and you can probably figure out how to watch the rest if your interest is sufficiently piqued.

In January 2011, the dream came to an end with an exclamation point. Swan song Curt Flood was released for free at their 501 Club finale. With Pink Mink, Slapping Purses, and Kitten Forever joining them, "The guys made full use of the crowded 501... with Vicious Lee climbing atop the bar and Master Clyde scaling the wall and rapping from the ledge of the balcony," noted reviewer Nikki Miller. Stream that madness here.

Now the time is right for another MC/VL show because they've got enough new material to justify another MC/VL show. Also, Vicious Lee (a.k.a. former City Pages staffer and Gimme Noise contributor David Hansen) really is moving to St. Louis to begin an MFA program at Washington University this fall.

On July 24, the guys who put the skul -- yes, only one "L" -- in skulduggery will write their epitaph in sweat and other fluids all over the floor of the 7th St. Entry. Holograms have not been ruled out for this performance. 

MC/VL with special guests GAY WITCH ABORTION and KITTEN FOREVER at 7th St. Entry on 18+, $7, 8 p.m. Thursday, July 24. Tickets on sale Friday, June 13.

Here are the maximum amount of video embeds they would allow:

City of Music: MC/VL from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

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