MC/VL and friends at the 501 Club, 1/8/11



MC/VL, Pink Mink, Slapping Purses and Kitten Forever January 8, 2011 501 Club, Minneapolis

After a last minute switch from the temporarily-closed Turf Club to the about-to-be-closed 501 Club, MC/VL played their final performance Saturday night with a little help from friends Pink Mink, Slapping Purses and Kitten Forever.

Hm. There's a lot of downer in that statement.


Downer? Closeds and finals aside, the evening was anything but. This final performance also served as a release show for MC/VL's swan song Curt Flood, copies of which were made available to revelers for free, lovingly packaged in tapes and CDs bearing the smiling mug of the Cardinals center-fielder. On its final night in operation, the 501 Club was full of smiling faces, fans of the band, fans of the club, all enjoying the company of new and old friends, and enjoying the yikes-stiff drinks.

And about those drinks. Between those drinks and a fully packed club full of my own friends, many of whom I'd not seen in an age, the night's now little more than a blur. Flashes of a conversation here, a bout with Big Buck Hunter there. Kitten Forever's energetic take on the riotous band my older sister would have been in had I ever had an older sister. Slapping Purses treating us not only to his usual dance-inciting knob fiddling, but on this night also to the rap stylings of Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and Claire Monesterio, a.k.a. La Manchita. Pink Mink on leg kicks and the most solid rock, and finally, the men of the hour - Mighty Clyde and Vicious Lee, first fully-clothed and then blissfully shirtless, as is their wont.

Best to the MC/VL guys as well as the staff of the 501 in all their future endeavors, and thanks to all for a fantastic farewell.


Critic's Bias: Love 'em, but used to run and hide in the corner when MC/VL took the stage - or more accurately, the floor - because of their interactive style and my fear of being touched or having beer spilled on my head. The guys made full use of the crowded 501 Saturday night, with Vicious Lee climbing atop the bar and Master Clyde scaling the wall and rapping from the ledge of the balcony. The crowd: Folks sad over the MC/VL breakup, folks sad over the shuttering of the 501, all walking out at bar close with smiles on their faces. For more photos: See our full slideshow here.