Mayda's Never Born tour diary 3: The response has been amazing

Mayda in Korea
Mayda in Korea

Local singer-songwriter Mayda Miller is in the midst of one of the most life-affirming tours of her life. During a three-week Never Born trek in Korea, she will meet up with her birth parents. Gimme Noise will track her progress in a diary from Mayda here.

Seoul week three: Well, it has been a pretty consistent show tour with extra promotional work and busking in the busy streets of HongDae, Seoul. One of the venues I played was an expatriate bar called Tony's Pub in Itaewon. The owner was a hilarious Irish guy, Tony, who played the electric drums. He even accompanied me on my tune, "Lions." I have to admit he was not a funky one, but he loved hitting that synth cymbal. Cracked me up every time.

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Another gig was at a coffee shop on the fourth floor of a tall building. The opener was a guy and a girl singer who loved playing R.E.M. and Rihanna covers. I could not help but sing along to "Umbrella" with my fake Korean accent, "Umbrerra rerra rerra rerra."
One of the best shows was in a basement filled with crazy art/porn magazines with a bunch of hipster Koreans in their mid 20s drinking Jameson and smoking like chimneys. They literally clapped to every song of mine for 50 minutes. Amazing and super fun. We laughed at each others' inability to understand each others' hair cuts. After I played, a chick got up and sang Beatles covers. She actually had a pretty voice that reminded me of Neko Case.

Many of the shows had an interesting setup that was more like a sit down art performance rather than a stand up and dance feel. However, I was lucky that the sound guys were legit and knew what they were doing most of the time (a problem even here in the U.S.). At every gig either in the venue, or on the streets, the response has been amazing. People really love to hear performers, especially Western folks, although most people think I am Japanese. My friends told me this is probably because of the way I dress or my screaming purple hair.

Ay, Air Canada! Help a sister out would ya AY?:

Let's talk about now. I am flying home on Air Canada. You would think they would be accomodating and as "nice" as you know us Minneostans are aay??? AAY? Well, no. They would NOT let me bring my one and only blue acoustic guitar on the flight without packaging it up and paying an extra $120 that I did not have. Excuse me? I brought it with me the way there with Air Canada. What makes this different? I am not about to risk my pride and joy get cracked or even scratched. So what did I have to do? Leave it with my awesome friend Julie to try and smuggle it on to Delta Airlines in 2 weeks. Ugh. I do not know what I am going to do for my gigs when I come home right away. Maybe a mini benefit show for my baby blue?

Birth family sentiments and update:

The confusion and sadness hits me randomly through the days/nights. I don't even know how to explain it. I feel pretty lost in general. Even music seems like a little hat on my shelf (I NEVER feel like that).

The agencies with my only contact to my so-called birth parents have stopped communicating with me. I already started the DNA process, so I have no idea what to think about my initial meeting. What can I say, I felt no connections with those 2 people I re-met and I wanted to so badly deep down. But, I can NOT stop thinking about Korea and the people there.

I feel like there is a dead part of me in Korea that I visited on this third time visiting. The thing for me is I didn't even know that person/being to begin with, so it is hard to communicate with that spirit. Yet, I am in fact still connected with that being, or was. I don't want to see it as a negative thing, but who wants to "like" talk with dead people... (Does that make sense) when you want so badly for them to be alive?

I am just trying to let me be me.

-a Mayda, a Kim

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