Mayda's Never Born tour diary 1: Arriving in Korea

Mayda's Never Born tour diary 1: Arriving in Korea

Local singer-songwriter Mayda Miller is in the midst of one of the most life-affirming tours of her life. During a three-week Never Born trek in Korea, she will meet up with her birth parents. Gimme Noise will track her progress in a diary from Mayda here.

Her first entry begins the day she flew to Toronto:

An hour before I had to go to the airport, I start to put CDs, merchandise, and cords in my suitcase. Shit, I might need clothes... I packed pretty heavy for myself this trip. I have never been so anxious. I freaked out and basically threw everything in my suitcase. Anyway, I made it to the MSP airport pretty smoothly. It was too nice of a day to leave, but I have some thaaangs I would like to do -- like, uh, meet my birth parents and play 13 shows in my birth country.

To Toronto, the flight was late, so I had to be booked 2 hours later. "I will get to you Korea, I will." The Canadian airport was way more laid back then the U.S., which makes sense. There are still pay phones! 50 cents. Took me back, I tell you. Didn't know those still existed, but aight. I am a Golden Girl who plays Game Boy and writes checks.

Mayda's Never Born tour diary 1: Arriving in Korea

To be completely honest, I am thinking about home more than anything. This summer has been unusually great. I feel like many new things started coming together in my life for example I actually like someone. I mean like like -- not like like -- but like like and that feels so amazing mainly because I think they like like me back. AND YES, I am way past high school with this mouth. Since I am an adult, I do what I talk the way I elfin want and eat candy for dinner if I elfin want.

At any rate, I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize with music and family. This meeting is only happening once! When that happens, nothing can take back that moment when our eyes meet, that reaction of reuniting, those first words coming from our lips, that first impression... It will be monumental for me and for them. Is this as big of a deal for them? They have so many kids already. Am I just like a dropped Skittle from the rainbow? I don't know. We will find out. For now I am just trying to skip across Canada to some Asia. First day I get back I play at the Itaewon Orange Tree for what I am told is a guys college bar. We will see how that goes. Lesssgo!

Thursday for me, Wednesday for you:

I made it to Seoul! After a 35-hour flight of being crunched up in small places in a couple different countries, I made it. My friends took me out for KFC, which is not what you think. That, my friends is Korean Fried Chicken. If you know what is good or you, you will try this spiritual dish. It is a sweet and spicy, crunchy, juicy... I am going to stop. You can find a similar thing at Left-Handed Cook in Global Market.

Anyway, I just played Bar Nori, a small college bar that some expatriates and college kids hang out in. There were hipsters and guys surrounded by girls swooning at their long (Bieber) hair. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of fans who follow my music that actually showed up. I felt very humbled by their presence and sold some merchandise. The bar even asked me to come back and play some impromptu sets. I am super excited for that. After some soju (Korean lubricant) and rice treats, I headed home in a jet lagged, happy daze.

In a day, I get to finally meet my birth parents. I do not know who will show up exactly, but the day is coming really quick. I am trying to focus on music networking as well as getting prepared for this monumental event. I can not stop thinking about that no matter what the outcome is, no matter what happens after, nothing can take away the first meeting.

What am I wearing? What is going to be their physical reaction to the sight of their youngest daughter? What are they going to think of my hair, my clothes, my size, my tattoos...? Are they going to judge me right away? Are they as nervous as I am? Are they going to accept my artist lifestyle? Is the translation going to be accurate from Korean to English and vice versa? There is a lot to think about.

I can not anticipate anything. The only thing that I can hold on to is my heart and my undying need to rawk ma face off in any situation. I am who I am and can not be anything more.

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