Mayda talks about upcoming show at Icehouse, theater project

Mayda talks about upcoming show at Icehouse, theater project

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It's been nearly a year since Mayda released Tusks In Furs in September 2011, and the tiny artist has been quite busy. Over the course of her music career, Mayda has built herself a reputation as an explosive performer of the pop-punk variety, proving that even at 4'10", size doesn't matter when you have attitude by the ton.

Mayda has spent most of the summer jolting around the country on different tours, bringing her unique brand of R&B and funk fusion to various pockets of the country -- though the artist is focusing on a broader scope than just music at the moment. The last time Gimme Noise spoke with Mayda, the young artist -- an adoptee from In Cheon City, South Korea -- was excited about expanding her creative energies to working in the theater.

Ahead of her upcoming show at Icehouse this Saturday night with Toki Wright and Lizzo & The Larva Ink, we chatted with Mayda about what she's been working on recently and what we can look forward to from her.

You released Tusks In Furs a while ago. What have you been up to since? Any theater news? Give us an overview.

I've been really involved in theater. I'm actually working on a sort of autobiographical piece at the moment. I'm just taking little things that have happened to me and putting it on stage or on film... I haven't decided which media I'm going towards, but I'm working with people in the film and theater scene. It's kind of a different process where I'm used... in theater and film, you can always change things and at the last minute, and there are just so many different creative options you can come up with.

That sounds interesting. What motivated you to go in the autobiographical direction?

I think because I want people to understand what I'm doing, and it started when I was young and it's a process like everybody. I feel like I've always meant to do music or perform or be creative, and that comes from when you're born and how you were treated and how you were raised, and I just want to show people how I got to where I am and how I see the world. I feel a little misunderstood sometimes. I was adopted, and when you're adopted you kind of have a different sense of belonging to the community and the world, and I kind of want to tell that story in a different medium than just music.

Misunderstood? Tell me more about that.

I kind of feel like maybe it's me and my perspective, but I feel kind of like the Twin Cities is so drawn to certain genres and certain--I don't know what you want to call it... I just feel like I'm not fully grasped. That's not necessarily a bad thing; I just need to work harder, and that comes from how feel about myself as well.

Okay. That sounds like an interesting project. Do you have a title, or a tentative release date?

Tentatively called "Sylvia" right now, but it could change. It's kind of based on that song. No release date yet. It's still in progress.

Okay, cool. So tell me about the show on Saturday night with Toki Wright and Lizzo & The Larva Ink. What's the story, and what can people expect?

I think it's drawing different types of music together, because Toki is a rapper and everyone knows Toki and everyone knows rap, but he's bringing a new element--a live element, which I think is really cool. He's going in a different direction with house and drum and bass, and I think he's kind of evolving with his creativity and being more expressive. My stuff, I think it's totally different--I do pop punk and that's crazy shit, and then Lizzo does her own thing, and she's an up-and-coming artist, so I think there's three really strong front people with strong bands. I'll be playing bass with Toki, too. We really just wanted to show the community a different thing, that we're performing to be comfortable and bring everyone together.

Rad. Anything else in the wings? Any new music?

I am always writing songs. I have the fastest writing metabolism. If you send me a beat I just start going, and I'll just keep writing, and once it's out I want more. It's kind of a problem, but it's just the way I am. So in terms of new material, I have tons and I always just want to write. It's hard because I just want to show people what I've done already, you know, the songs on Tusks In Furs, they're like family members. They're the uncle you see at Thanksgiving... Like, you love them, but you don't want to hang out with them. I have new songs I'm writing, and I'm working with different producers and beat makers, and then I always love working with other artists, and have recently gotten into improvisation.

Do you have any releases coming out soon?

Not yet. Maybe some collaborations... I'm not doing anything quite yet for me, totally, but I've been a part of some things that are going to be released soon, so watch for those.

You can catch the indomitable force of Mayda on Saturday night, August 18, at Icehouse with Toki Wright's new group The Debris and Lizzo & The Larva Ink. Show is at 11 p.m. $7 cover.

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