May the road rise with you, Hicksy

class=img_thumbleft> Today is the last day on the job for my friend and City Pages arts editor Dylan Hicks, who is moving on to pursue other endeavors. Dylan hasn't asked much of me, other than about a thousand words of clean copy every Monday morning. Oh, scratch that: once, when he occupied the lofty post I now inhabit, he asked me to look after his son while he attended a show. I agreed, then promptly forgot, leaving daddy Dylan scrambling to find a more responsible party. Despite my having left him on the lurch, Dylan never voiced a word of recrimination. He's that kind of guy: generous and ethical (and as funny as anyone you'll have the pleasure to meet). Finally, he's a great editor, and I've worked with plenty. He never touched my stuff except to make it better. That's basically what he does: he makes stuff better. Here's to infinite good vibrations for what comes next.