May 6, 2009: Magic Castles & Cloud Cult

May 6, 2009: Magic Castles & Cloud Cult

Twin Cities News:
-- TC Decider reviews Cloud Cult's recent First Avenue show.
-- Hamline's Oracle says "local musicians are mostly hit or miss" and lists the top local band's that are "actually worth anything": Atmosphere, the Alarmists and more.
-- How Was The Show has posted its May 2009 podcast featuring tracks by Communist Daughter, the 757s, Big Quarters, Brad Senne, Me & My Arrow, the Sunny Era and Magic Castles.
-- The Star Tribune recaps Elton John & Billy Joel's show at the Xcel.
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Bloc Party compensates for missed show at First Ave.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Richard Lloyd & the Sufimonkey Trio, Speed's the Name & Faux Jean @ Uptown
Richard Lloyd: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Speed's The Name: (MySpace)
Faux Jean: (Office) (MySpace)
-- B96's Home Grown Showcase @ Fine Line Music Cafe

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- The Dears "Meltdown In A Major (OG Demo Version)" (mp3)
-- The Features "The Drawing Board" (mp3)
-- Flipper "Be Good Child" (mp3)
-- Mississippi Man "The Jester" (mp3)
-- Navegante "Todo O Nada" (mp3)
-- Passion Pit "The Reeling (Calvin Harris remix)" (mp3)
-- Snowglobe "Get It On" (mp3)
-- Telepathe "So Fine (Chairlift remix)" (mp3)
-- U.S.E. "All The World" (mp3)

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