May 28, 2009: Ani DiFranco & Brad Senne


Twin Cities News:

-- MN Daily has an article on local female singers including Lucy Michelle, Dessa, Caroline Smith, Haley Bonar & Aby Wolf.

-- Ani DiFranco will be returning to Minneapolis, playing First Avenue in September.

-- Insight News has an article on Maria Isa.

-- Mossip features Solid Gold.

-- How Was The Show interviews Brad Senne.

-- The Alarmists have posted a new track on the band's MySpace. (via)

-- Local improv/electronic trio Good Day, Montag are giving their new album, Colonel Cabrillo Takes La Paz Proper, away for free.

-- Extremely Loud profiles P.O.S.

-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: State Fair free music announced, Q&A with Local singer-songwriter Brad Senne, announces 7-year anniversary show & Mischke Mix - Wednesday, May 27.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Santigold, Amanda Blank & Trouble Andrew @ First Avenue

Santigold: (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Amanda Blank: (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Trouble Andrew: (Official) (MySpace)

-- Doves & Wild Light @ Varsity Theater

Doves: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Wild Light: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- James Apollo "Morphine and Wine" (mp3)


-- The Antlers "Two" (mp3)


-- Handsome Furs "Radio Kaliningrad" (mp3)


-- Micachu & the Shapes "Lips" (mp3)


-- The Rentals "Story of a Thousand Seasons Past" (mp3)


-- Spain Colored Orange "Who Am I" (mp3)


-- Zechs Marquise "Chase Scene" (mp3)

-- Zechs Marquise "Sirenum Scopuli" (mp3)