May 11, 2009: The Hood Internet & Kristoff Krane

May 11, 2009: The Hood Internet & Kristoff Krane

Twin Cities News:
-- The Hood Internet (who were just in town this past weekend performing at Too Much Love) have mashed Solid Gold with Yung La, "Who Ain't I Gonna Run To."
-- Patrick Wolf will be playing the Fine Line Music Cafe in June.
-- Into the Dustbowl features a video performance by Kristoff Krane.
-- "Bob Dylan wants to collaborate with Paul McCartney."
-- Video footage of Anvil performing at the Uptown Theater this past weekend.
-- Twin City Scene reviews the James Buckley Trio's Knowing and Losing.
-- Culture Bully has photo coverage of Dark Dark Dark at the 7th St. Entry.
-- The 757s recently performed on the Local Show.
-- The Milwaukee Decider has a recap of P.O.S.'s recent Turner Hall performance.
-- Brit Rock at the Top has pictures of the Sounds at the Varsity.
-- Midwest Broadcast reviews F. Stokes & Lazerbeak's Death of a Handsome Bride.
-- Northern Outpost features video and interview footage of Halloween, Alaska.

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band @ Xcel Energy Center
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- The Kills, the Horrors & Magic Wands @ First Avenue
The Kills: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
The Horrors: (Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Magic Wands: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Alligators "Where Does It Hide" (mp3)
-- Alligators "If You Want To" (mp3)
-- Alligators "Conqueror" (mp3)
-- Durt Bo Dean "Pass Out" (mp3)
-- Great Northern "Houses" (mp3)
-- Great Northern "Story" (mp3)

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