Max Weinberg 'not gone yet,' Conan's reps say


Our recent interview with Al Kooper created quite the stir in the entertainment world last week, as he divulged that Max Weinberg was not going to be hired to lead the backing band for Conan O'Brien's new TBS show. Conan's reps have issued a somewhat vague statement countering Kooper's claims, saying "No details for the TBS show have been set as of now, none at all."

Conan didn't mention any of his plans for the TBS show in his first public interview on 60 Minutes last night, either, so it looks like we'll have to keep holding our breaths to find out Weinberg's plans for certain.

Here's a quick roundup of recent publications who have attempted to get a straight answer out of O'Brien's and Weinberg's representatives:

Entertainment Weekly was the first to get a hold of O'Brien's people, who insisted no plans had been set for the TBS show, which was reprinted by New York Magazine and countless other sources.

The Seattle PI also reposted the report from Conan's reps and attempted to reach Max Weinberg's management, who declined to comment.

Meanwhile, MTV is asking: If Max Weinberg splits, who should be Conan's next band leader?