Mason Jennings featured in Rolling Stone


High praise for one of Minnesota's most beloved folk songwriters: In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Mason Jennings' new release, Blood of Man, has been awarded four stars. Writer Mark Kemp calls Blood of Man his "best album yet" (a statement with which we wholeheartedly agree), and says that Jennings' intense, sprawling song "The Field" "may be the most moving anti-war song ever written from a parent's perspective."

In addition to a glowing review, Jennings was also featured on the Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Daily blog, which includes videos of Jennings playing a couple of songs off of his new album and a cover of the Shins' "Gone For Good."

For more Mason Jennings, keep an eye out for next week's issue of City Pages. In the meantime, check out this video from his in-studio at the Current last week: