Mashups of the Week: The Hood Internet & Halloween mixes

This week Chicago's Hood Internet hit their 300th mashup & celebrated by autotuning Biz Markie and mashing "Just a Friend" with Phoenix and Classixx. For those interested in more of the Hood, ABX & DJ STV SLV will be dropping their fourth mixtape November 9.ABX "Just A Friendomania" (mp3)
As is tradition, a number of producers have assembled some new music for this year's run of bastard-pop Halloween soundtracks. Though not bearing titles nearly as enjoyable as those in the past (ex: The Bride of Monster Mash-Up) they still offer up solid mixes that are certain to irritate the hell out of the majority of entertain party-goers on Halloween. Mashup Industries Mashed 'n' Slashed In keeping with the Halloween theme--hey, what's Halloween without Slayer, right--DJ Schmolli collected a variety of previously released Slayer mashes and has released them all as Slayed, Chopped and Recycled: A Bastard Bob Tribute to Slayer. The collection's best track, which is also the only previously unreleased song, is the Slayer/Motorhead mash "Ensemble of Aces." If you're feeling it, check out the entire mix here:DJ Schmolli "Slayed, Chopped and Recycled: A Bastard Bob Tribute to Slayer" (zip)
[Also, for those interested, I recently had a few words with Schmolli in an interview over at Mashuptown. He's one of my favorites and one of the best around right now.]