Mashups of the Week: Annie Lennox, Iron Maiden vs. the Monkeys & more


[uncredited David Cross promotional photo courtesy of Sub Pop]

A few weeks back Jimmy Kimmel hosted an interview with comedian David Cross on his late night TV program (though somehow the video now alludes me). Throughout the lengthy discussion Cross talked about his single attempt at trying crack an how he (sort of) met a member of Korn (which made for a fairly smooth transition between topics, actually). As my memory serves me, Cross mentioned how the band's born-again Christian (who I thought had left Korn, though it appears as though I only knew half the story) was stumbling around a hallway in an overseas hotel drunk off his ass... hilarity ensued. I can only imagine that Dutch producer Mad Mix Mustang recently dropped this ABBA mashup, which utilizes an a capella version of Korn's "Freak on a Leash," in the spirit of Cross' story. (Additionally, you can now keep in touch with Mustang's updates via his Twitter account.)

MadMixMustang "Mia Freaky Mamma" (mp3)

I've long since grown to respect DJ Schmolli's ability to combine polar opposites (see: his Slayer/Queen mashup), but he's outdone himself once again; this time dropping the beat from the Monkeys' 1966 song "I'm a Believer" (which, believe it or not, was composed by Neil Diamond) primarily with Bruce Dickinson's vocals from Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." [DJ Schmolli]

The song got an immediate bump on YouTube and was featured by the likes of Blabbermouth and Metal Hammer. In the two weeks that it's been on the streaming video site the song has seen almost 100,000 views... not bad for a young lad from Wiener Neustadt. And if you really enjoy the track, Schmolli recently uploaded a 40 second ringtone that samples the mash [link 1 | link 2]


DJ Schmolli "Trooper Believer"

The final of this week's bootlegs comes from A Plus D's monthly best-of list, the Bootie Top 10. Aside from their world-wide Bootie parties and their brilliant mashups, the genre's preeminent duo is widely known for their monthly lists that offer a unique combination of widely recognized producers and little-known geniuses. From somewhere within that spectrum comes this track from g4gorilla, a mashup combining Lily Allen, White Lies and Salt-n-Pepa.

A description of the song from the Australian producer, "Post-punk band-of-the-moment White Lies joins Lily Allen in her continuing search for consonants and the balance between love, security, and sexual gratification. Salt-n-Pepa have no such problems, and they make a cameo appearance to tell Ms. Allen it's all about the mattress mambo." Makes sense to me. [Bootie Blog]

g4gorilla "Not Farewell" (mp3)