Martin Dosh on his first annual 40th birthday at Turf Club

Martin Dosh on his first annual 40th birthday at Turf Club
Photo by Cameron Wittig

If all of your friends are friends of love, then all of your friends are friends of Martin Dosh. Well known around town, Dosh will be holding a birthday party at the Turf Club tonight -- his first annual 40th birthday party, to be exact. You heard right: first annual 40th, and everyone is invited. The show will feature performances from many like-minded musicians, most of whom Dosh has shared the stage with prior to his birthday party. 
The event will bring Zebulon Pike, Baths, Pizza Boys, Jel, Good Morning Gentlemen, DJ Odd Nosdam, and many more to the stage, along with the first annual MN Drum-Off featuring Dave King, JT Bates, and Tim Glenn.

Dosh had these thoughts to share with City Pages about his big move into the over-40 crowd.

I've never really thrown myself a party before, but turning 40 seemed like a good excuse to get everybody together. The whole bill tonight is filled with artists that have made a lasting impression on me. 

Seeing the Pizza Boys 10-11 years ago blew my mind wide open;  they were the best hip hop band I'd ever seen play live, entertaining and unpredictably crazy. Touring with Baths in 2010 put me in awe of how talented someone could be at the tender age of 21.  Zebulon Pike, who I've seen perform probably 15 times in the past 7 years, are pure joy, they restored my love of volume.  And Jel and Odd Nosdam have been my label mates at Anticon for the last 10 years; they've shown me how to stick to my guns and do what I'm best at, which is to be myself.  

Good Morning, Gentlemen is almost a whole other discipline, because it's funny, but it sticks with you after the fact, and I'm glad I get to play in the Cloak Ox with Mark (Erickson, the writer for GMG) and Andy (Broder, his partner in crime).  

Turning 40 doesn't seem that different from turning 30. Except when I turned 30 I had just self-released my first Dosh record and I told myself, and everyone, that I would make record every year for 10 years and if I turned 40, and nobody knew who I was, I would quit and get a real job. Thankfully that did not happen.

Dosh recently had Bon Iver share his "Holocene" remix on Spotify. Perhaps Justin Vernon will also make an appearance at the Turf Friday night? Let's hope so.

Martin Dosh's First Annual 40th Birthday Party
Friday, September 14, 2012 Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. West, St. Paul, 651-647-0486
21+, $10, 8 pm
Purchase tickets here.

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