Marnie Stern, Gang Gang Dance tonight at First Ave.

Marnie Stern, Gang Gang Dance tonight at First Ave.

Marnie Stern & Gang Gang Dance with MARNIE STERN, and MUTE ERA $12.00 adv | $12.00 door First Avenue 11/4/08

If you're the type that likes the ragged edges of sonic experimentation to peek out from underneath your favorite pop songs, this is a show that's not to be missed. While tribal alchemists Gang Gang Dance and guitar queen Marnie Stern make music that's quite different on first listen, there have a number of threads that connect the two: they both hail from New York's art-rock scene, they both have critically praised albums out this year, and they both nurture penchants for left field mindfuckery.

That's not to say that these two acts are made up of lofty, inaccessible Artists-with-a-capital-A, unable to connect with listeners on anything but the most intellectual of levels. On the contrary, both acts are grounded in music that speaks as much to the body as they do to the brain. GGD can conjure up both rave and streetwise London grime in their dub-infuenced psychedelia, while Stern turns male-dominated guitar shredding on its ear with shrill vocals and vulnerable lyrics. While there's sure to be an awful lot of noisy twists and turns, there will likely be just as many hooks on which to hang; a certain pop streak runs noticably through both bands.

Given that the anxieties of election night don't have you covered in blankets watching CNN all night, run down to the 7th Street Entry to check out a can't-lose ticket.

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