Mark Mallman's CD release show highlights Sound Unseen's music lineup

Mark Mallman's CD release show highlights Sound Unseen's music lineup
Photo By Erik Hess

In addition to the terrific slate of music-related films and documentaries that Sound Unseen has scheduled for their 2012 festival, organizers have also just released their eclectic music lineup for this year's festivities. All of these scheduled performances are 21+ and absolutely free, and are set to run from October 10-13 at Harriet Brewing's Tap Room in Minneapolis, with the exception of Mark Mallman's CD release show for Double Silhouette, which will be held at the Ritz Theater.

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The music lineup for Sound Unseen is a diverse blend of local DJs and emerging young bands, featuring Maggie Morrison and Cecil Otter's new collaborative project, LaLiberte, as well as the promising high-schoolers Bomba de Luz, and the ethereal lo-fi act Strange Names.

Sound Unseen are also co-presenting Mark Mallman's CD release show for his new album, Double Silhouette, at the Ritz Theater on Saturday, October 13.

Sound Unseen have also announced the locally-based short-films that will be shown before the features during the festival, highlighted by "People Don't Change," directed by and starring Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre, a special screening of "Ghost," by Communist Daughter directed by Justin Staggs, as well as "Capybara," the new video from Pierre's side-project Farewell Continental.

More information on the films that are being screened throughout the festival and their corresponding show times can be found at the official Sound Unseen website. And, if you "Like" Harriet Brewing's Tap Room and Sound Unseen on Facebook, you can receive drink specials for Harriet Brewing during the festival.

Here is the full schedule and set times of the music performances at Sound Unseen 2012:

Wednesday, October 10

8 p.m. DJ Shannon Blowtorch
10 p.m. Apollo Cobra

Thursday, October 11

8 p.m. DJs Lady Heat
10 p.m. LaLiberte

Friday, October 12

8 p.m. Gallupstar
9 p.m. DJ Don Cuco
10 p.m. Journey Karaoke

Saturday, October 13

8 p.m. Bomba de Luz
9 p.m. DJ Don Cuco
10 p.m. Strange Names

Saturday, October 13 (At Fitz Theater)

Time TBA: Mark Mallman Double Silhouette CD Release Show

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