Mark Mallman makes YouTube video of his entire discography

Say what you want about Mark Mallman, but the guy consistently keeps his approach to music interesting and fresh. Whether it's Mallman's legendary, marathon sets at the Turf Club, his annual New Year's Eve extravaganzas, or his genuine, eye-opening diaries from the road, Mark has always put himself out there in a major (and refreshing) way. So, it should really come as no surprise that Mallman has found a free, unique way to share his entire back catalog with his fans. He has put up a 5 hour, 45-minute YouTube video which features his entire discography from all phases of his eclectic 14-year music career.

Mallman worked with some reputable indie labels over the years (Badman Recording Company, Susstones, Guilt Ridden Pop), who all graciously gave Mark their permission to share all of his music in such a distinct fashion. I suppose for a guy who has remarkably stretched one elaborate song out for 78-hours straight (take that Bradford Cox), sharing all of his music in a nearly 6-hour video doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

The video travels roughly in reverse chronological order, and all of the "hits" are here, like "You're Never Alone In New York," from 2009's Invincible Criminal, to "True Love" from '04's Mr. Serious, all the way back to "Kissing The Knife" from 1998's The Tourist. The video closes with Mallman's celebrated Susstones release, Live From First Avenue, which features a memorable duet between Mark and his mother on the appropriately titled, "Mother Made Me Do It."

The video is as audacious a project as one would expect from Mallman, and just like his unending performances from the Turf Club, he can't truly expect a music fan to last through the whole thing. But just start it where or when you can, leave it when you must, but throughout the video, no matter what song or album you end up on, you hear Mallman's passion coming through as well as his humor.

The fact that Mallman has been doing things his own way now for 14 years is enough of an accomplishment. But rather than capitalize on that financially with a cash-grab greatest hits collection, or trying to get his fans who bought his albums the first time to pony up for remastered versions, Mark has given us this YouTube video that features his entire body of work, a free (if a bit unusual) gesture to everyone who has helped him out or bothered to listen to his music through all of these years. It's a bold, quirky move that goes right along with all of the distinct spectacles that Mark Mallman has been taking part in throughout his unconventional, entertaining music career.

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