Mark Mallman announces new album

Mark Mallman announces new album

Piano virtuoso, stunt performer, and wildman-about-town Mark Mallman will release his next album, Invincible Criminal, in early August. The record will include guest performances by the Hold Steady's Craig Finn, who guest vocals on the track "You're Never Alone in New York," and Cloud Cult violinist Shannon Frid, who duets with Mallman on "In These Times of Harsh Economy."

According to the press release,

Invincible Criminal

was, "Written in the haunted basement of a converted church and inspired by a ghostly apparition of Elvis." Yep, sounds like Mallman to us.

Here's the tracklisting for Invincible Criminal:

1. Eternal Moonshine
2. You're Never Alone in New York (featuring Craig Finn)
3. Before the Music's Over
4. White Leather Days
5. Dont Spill The Bottle
6. Mercy Calls
7. Light the Dynamite and Run
8. Can't Count to One
9. Put Your Collar Up
10. In These Times of Harsh Economy (featuring Shannon Frid)
11. If We Only Kept Getting Young
12. Invincible Criminal

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