Mark Farina on Mushroom Jazz and MPLS

Photo by Shauna Regan<br /><div style="text-align: left;"><br /></div>

Photo by Shauna Regan

"Some of the music we play is really not geared for your bumpin' enjoyment
It's geared for you to think
So for those of you who don't think too much
I'm just telling you about that shit before we drop it on you"
--Hydroponic Groove - "In Hale" - Mushroom Jazz 1

Too many DJs spend hundreds of overpaid hours behind the booth and never really satisfy more than their own ego. This, friends, is not Mark Farina. In 1997, the crate-digging Chicagoan put a string of relaxed electronic soul songs together -- much to college stoners' delight -- on a compilation called Mushroom Jazz, and a new style of house suddenly had a wide-open avenue and delivery man with a view to put it all together. Six of those compilations and 13 years of soothed ears later, when people talk about Farina, they don't focus on his music production, his quiet charisma or his dress sense -- none of that matters in the big picture that is his career. Especially when it comes to track selection, he is simply one of the most taste-making DJs house music will ever know.