Mark Chesnutt, '90s country hitmaker, to play Povlitzki's Friday

Mark Chesnutt, '90s country hitmaker, to play Povlitzki's Friday


(Specifically, dudes who came of age listening to country music in the 1990s.)

Listen up: Mark Chesnutt is playing the Twin Cities' coolest suburban dive bar tomorrow night.

This message warrants no further long-winded commentary from yours truly; if you liked '90s country, if you dig suburban dive bars, this show is for you.

Povlitzki's on 65. Best Suburban Dive Bar, and I quote:

It's been three years and six months since it became illegal to smoke inside a Minnesota bar, but when you walk into Povlitzki's on 65, a roadside lounge in Spring Lake Park, you can't help but imagine a cloud of cigarette smoke still hanging in the air, obscuring the vintage globe bulbs lighting its long, skinny bar, making it hard to see across the room to admire the display case full of Elvis memorabilia or the intimate cocktail tables facing a small stage and dance floor. The place isn't actually smoky, but it has that smoky-bar vibe, like the kind of place your grandma dragged you to as a kid so she could pop pulltabs and play bingo over Pink Squirrels. For those who miss the bar's true smoky ambiance, not for the sake of nostalgia but because they have a nicotine addiction, Povlitzki's has attached a spacious, partially enclosed smoking patio. And for those looking to eat, not smoke, their way to heart disease, the bar also sells cheap broasted chicken kept toasty in a pizza warmer.

- 2011 City Pages "Best Of"

Mark Chesnutt:

Blame it on Texas/Brother Jukebox

Bubba Shot the Jukebox

Old Flames Have New Names

Too Cold at Home

I'll Think of Something

And, oofta - early country music abuse of autotune:

Mark Chesnutt, Friday 12/16, $20/25, Povlitzki's on 65 in Spring Lake Park. If you know what I'm talkin' 'bout, you know what I'm talkin' bout. See you there.

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