Marijuana Deathsquads with David Yow of Jesus Lizard and Kevin Rumantis of Cows in L.A. (VIDEO)

The fine, fine gentlemen of Marijuana Deathsquads have been holed up in a little house in Los Angeles for the better part of a month now, performing weekly in residency with Har Mar Superstar at Satellite (formerly Spaceland).

This past weekend, the show featured P.O.S. performing with Doomtree partner Mike Mictlan and local dance-noise heroes Skoal Kodiak flying in to round out the most Minnesotan of the four Friday night showcases.

MDS pulled out all the stops for this show, including sharing the stage with David Yow (Jesus Lizard) and Kevin Rumantis (Cows) for their entire set.

Here's a sample:

For more on Marijuana Deathsquads' LA residency with Har Mar Superstar, keep an eye on Gimme Noise. We'll be posting more videos, photos, and interviews over the next two weeks.

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