Marijuana Deathsquads unleash Boston Massacre at Turf Club on 4/20

Leave it to the Turf Club to have something this audacious planned for 4/20. The evening is hilariously billed as 'Wade Boggs Wicked Boston Baked Bash,' and will feature a merry band of local characters all presenting something vaguely Bostonian throughout the night.

Of course Marijuana Deathsquads would be involved, and according to Turf Club's Ryan O'Rourke, this Boston Massacre was concocted by Ryan Olson. Har Mar Superstar will take on the character of "Weird Boggs" as he performs a Bostonian karaoke set (not sure if his performance will feature solely Boston-based bands, or just a lot of songs by Boston -- either way, totally awesome).

And that is just some of the madness and mayhem planned (free jailhouse Bruins tattoos from P.O.S.!) throughout the distinctly Boston-themed night at the Turf on April 20.

The list of participants and what they have planned is each more hilarious than the next, with Michael Gaughan set to play "Marty O'Brien the Messenger of Violence within the Boston Irish Mafia" during his bit, and My Jerusalem promising a 25-minute version of the Cheers theme for everyone's enjoyment, all while American Cream will be serving Clam Chowder and Boston Baked Beans, and the bar will be featuring Boston Creme Pie and Boston Tea Party shot specials all evening long.

Yeah, this is going to get really messy (in such a good way).

DJs Plain Ole Bill and Jonathan Ackerman will be providing an aural Boston Beatdown throughout the festivities, and Enjoyables will be running a Boston-Based Trivia contest with sure to be Boston related prizes, while Playatta and Isaac Gale will have Boston themed video projections going all evening long.

It has all the makings of a rowdy Southie house-party/haunted house, and promises to be an evening filled with plenty of wild debauchery that you aren't likely to witness again (or be able to remember, most likely). Unless this fantastic, totally absurd event becomes an annual occurrence (may Nomar help us all).

To find out more about this zany, unpredictable evening, here is the event's Facebook page.

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