Marijuana Deathsquads perform for City of Music

We've got a real treat for you this week -- as part of our ongoing City of Music series, we're stoked to debut one of the more experimental and artistic music videos we've seen from the MPLS.TV camp. For this week's video, producer Dan Huiting rounded up a whopping 15 cameras to film the seven core members of Marijuana Deathsquads at the Sound Gallery in downtown Minneapolis.

[jump] Much like Deathsquads' music, the video is dark, jagged, and visceral. For those who have seen the band perform in various incarnations in various rooms around town, it's a rare opportunity to hear them perform such a tight, relatively short song through high-quality recording equipment. Not to mention that it's one of the first Marijuana Deathsquads songs to officially have a name ("John Cage Match").

For a band that's at a turning point in its career -- the band is currently holding down a month-long residency at Spaceland in LA with Har Mar Superstar, a series of gigs that should help to give them firmer footing on the national playing field -- this week's City of Music video is a well-timed document of one of the Twin Cities' more adventurous yet oddly accessible noise bands.

City of Music: Marijuana Deathsquads from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

For more on the City of Music shoot with Marijuana Deathsquads, check out our behind-the-scenes photos by Brad Ogbonna.