Marijuana Deathsquads announce May residency at Icehouse

Marijuana Deathsquads announce May residency at Icehouse
Photo By Erik Hess

It's impossible to know what you're truly going to get at a Marijuana Deathsquads show. Even the musicians themselves don't know what the end result is going to be within their improvisational electronic excursions, as they adhere to the loose sonic parameters that lead them fitfully into a track without ever quite knowing exactly where that rhythmic wave is ultimately going to take them.

Without knowing exactly what is in store for Marijuana Deathsquads' just announced 'Music Rocks' May residency at Icehouse, we have at least been warned that the highly inventive musical crew and their Totally Gross National Product cohorts are set to perform over a series of five sure to be wild nights in May, with plenty of unannounced special guests dropping by to add to the musical mayhem.

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MDS' Music Rocks May residency at Icehouse is set for five evenings next month, with each night having a vague, inscrutable musical theme which might lead their sound and live show anywhere.

May 3 has been billed, 'USA 1991: Best Year On Earth.' May 8 is simply called 'Slam Dunk.' May 17 has been dubbed, 'The River.' May 22 is 'Hats Off.' And the final night of the residency, on May 31, is billed as 'Music Rocks,' giving the entire month-long event its distinctive name, as well as a series of two new EP's MDS plans on releasing at the culmination of these festivities, Music Rocks 1 & 2.

We were able to ask MDS vocalist/keyboardist/sonic alchemist Isaac Gale a few questions about what the crew has planned for all of us during their residency, and while he didn't want to give away too many secrets, he had this to share.

"The themes for each night are based on the music and visual content. We're trying to transform the space and create some overwhelming experiences, and use each night to try out all kinds of new stuff," Gale explains elusively. "Each show will have one other act playing, super special guests that we will announce soon. There will be new material released throughout the month, culminating in the release show for the EP's Music Rocks 1 & 2."

There hasn't been any ticket information released as of yet, nor any additional information about who these 'super special guests' might be. Check out Marijuana Deathsquads Facebook page and the Icehouse website for updated information about the residency.

But I just highly advise local music fans to circle these dates in May on the calender and plan on showing up at Icehouse each night, because even though much about these performances remains a mystery, something special and completely unexpected is bound to happen during each of these surreptitious shows.

Marijuana Deathsquads announce May residency at Icehouse

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