Maria Isa pens lacerating track about Michele Bachmann


Sometime between filming the new independent film Strike One in Hollywood, getting ready to fly to Puerto Rico with Justin Schell for the documentary We Rock Long Distance, and collaborating with Muja Messiah, Maria Isa found the time to join in the political debate with a controversial new single aimed squarely at GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

"I went to high school with Michelle Bachman's son who was a good friend of mine," Isa explains. "I don't think she liked this Latina. l wanted to show him my side of the hood, to understand we are treated different, and I don't blame him for his's the tribe he grew up in, but recognize what happens to my tribe because of the government's selfishness."

The song is titled "Esto Suena" (meaning "The Sounds" in Spanish), and ends with the chilling question "Michele Bachmann, time to listen / How you gonna be a racist and a Christian?"

Listen to the track here:
Download (right click):
Maria Isa, "Esto Suena"

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