Maria Isa drops new video, profiled on MN Original

It's been a busy few weeks for self-described SotaRican artist Maria Isa, who recently dropped a video for her new single "Lowrider Mamis (Chevy Lincoln Caddys)" off her upcoming Sip It mixtape, in addition to being filmed and interviewed for an episode of MN Original.

Watch the new video here, which was filmed in St. Paul:

And here's the MN Original segment (shameless self promotion: the MNO crew also interviewed me for the segment... now you know what my office looks like!).

Maria Isa from mn original on Vimeo.

For more segments from MN Original, head over to their website, or tune in to TPT (channel 2) tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a new episode featuring the New Standards.

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