Maria Isa and Muja Messiah unite as Villa Rosa


Maria Isa recently finished up filming her co-starring role in the independent film Strike One, and while she was out in L.A. she took some time out to collaborate with Muja Messiah in their first music video for joint project Villa Rosa, which makes its official debut this week.

It's not the first time Maria and Muja have worked together -- they've appeared on each other's albums for the past few years and shared countless bills -- but this Saturday at the First Ave Mainroom they will release an entire album of shared tunes under the Villa Rosa name called Blue Diamond Island.

[jump] To give us a taste for what we can expect from the new endeavor, the duo sent over the video they made in L.A., "Watch Out," which you can watch right here:

To promote their show at First Avenue, the pair also appeared on the Current last night during the second half of The Local Show, where they played three new songs and talked about their collaboration:


Villa Rosa perform at First Avenue on Saturday, September 17 with Malamanya, Carnage, Mayda, Mike The Martyr, Dj Dan Speak, Dj Simon Birch, Youth Somali Poets, and host MaLLy. 18+. $8 Advance/$10 Door. 6pm-10pm.