Margaret Lane, ex-Hildur Victoria, debuts "Shangri La" video

It's been a while since we've heard much of anything out of Margaret Lane. Around this time last April, Lane, with her then-band Hildur Victoria, put out an impressive debut record -- a moody, cryptic work that put the singer's emotionally-charged vocal style on full display. But, while Hildur Victoria was promising enough to make City Pages' year-end list of the best local albums, within weeks it was announced that Lane had left the band.

Now, at long last, Lane has returned, putting out her first official recording since leaving her old group last summer. Check out the premiere for her new "Shangri-La" music video after the break.

For anyone familiar with the indie rock that Hildur Victoria played, "Shangri-La" will sound like quite the departure. The track has a pretty experimental sound, being heavy on the electronics, but with its slinky R&B "Shangri-La" also makes it sound like Lane has been getting in touch with her inner Sade over the past 12 months.

Of course, the video itself is just as striking as the music: high fashion meets the exotic, with a touch of the voyeur to help spice things up. Lane's outfit, designed by fashion designer Danielle Everine, was originally conceived for Cliche's "Avoid the Grey" fashion show, which is also where the box that Lane dances inside of during the video comes from. All in all, the video seems like the perfect complement to "Shangri-La's" smoldering allure.

And the voyeurism? Well, that's appropriate too, because if all goes to plan, "Shangri-La" is just a glimpse of what's to come. Lane hopes the push from this new video will help her Kickstarter fund to pay for a full-length, which she plans to record with Brett Bullion and Huntley Miller.

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