March 20, 2009: Dosh & Brother Ali at SXSW


Twin Cities News:

-- Austin 360 reviews Dosh's SXSW performance at the Mohawk.

-- Roxwel interviews Brother Ali. (via)

-- Decider interviews Hyder Ali and Culture Bully has an exclusive video of the band performing "Dark Room."

-- Empty's Tapes has Muja Messiah's recent Triple Rock Social Club set.

-- Rift reviews Aby Wolf and Ghost in the Water.

-- Gojira will be returning to the Twin Cities, playing Station 4 in May.

-- The Morning News features "Six-Word Reviews of 1,302 SXSW Mp3s":

  • Solid Gold "Get Over It" :: "Calling yourself 'Solid Gold' isn't trying."
  • Birthday Suits "Flying Man Y2K" :: "DKish but you can't understand anything."
  • Cecil Otter "Rebel Yellow" :: "It's time to move to Minneapolis"

Local Concert Highlights:

-- Occidental Brothers Dance Band International @ Cedar Cultural Center

(Official) (MySpace)

-- Chastity Brown @ Midtown Global Market

(Official) (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:

-- Sean Brooks "Went to See the Gypsy" (mp3)

-- Sean Brooks "Bury Me" (mp3)

-- Sean Brooks "City Job" (mp3)


-- Poe Picasso "Exhibit A: The Real Hip Hop Project" (zip)


-- Verbal Kent, Kaz One & Cold Hard "Verbal Assault" (mp3)


-- Johnny Wae "The Matrix" (mp3)