March 11, 2009: Bob Mould & Brother Ali

March 11, 2009: Bob Mould & Brother Ali

Twin Cities News:
-- Newsweek interviews Bob Mould and Captain's Dead features Mould's new single.
-- The Current features a studio performance by Dan Auerbach, and Culture Bully has a review with audio/photos of Auerbach's First Avenue show. CB also interviews Joey Ryan & the Inks.
-- Everybody's talking about Brother Ali's new EP: The Rap Up, Nah Right, XXL, Mind Inversion, and Sound Verite.
-- Brit Rock at the Top recaps Butch Walker's Varsity Theater show.
-- Popwreckoning reviews Tapes 'n Tapes' recent Washington, DC show.
-- Twin Cities hip-hop goes mental at 'Artist x Artist' showcase & M.anifest recaps the show on his blog.
-- Big Quarters' Medium Zach: In The Lab.
-- Ongakubaka profiles Gay Witch Abortion's Maverick.
-- Twenty five things you might not know about Martin Devaney.
-- Lunch of Champions has a brief recap of the Roe Family Singers' show at the 331 Club this past Monday night.
-- Elsewhere reviews Mark Olson & Gary Louris' Ready For The Flood.
-- Gimme (yesterday's) Noise: Mischke Mix: Tuesday, March 10, 10,000 Lakes Festival finalizes 2009 lineup, Funky pop singer Mayda prepares to unleash her debut,

Local Concert Highlight:
-- Joe January, Meredith Fierke & Fighting at a College Level @ 400 Bar
Joe January: (MySpace)
Meredith Fierke: (Official) (MySpace)
Fighting at a College Level: (MySpace)

Daily Audio Downloads:
-- Buraka Som Sistema "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (Hot Chip remix)" (mp3)
-- Dead Heart Bloom "Flash in a Bottle" (mp3)
-- Honeyclaws "Pemperor" (mp3)
-- Melissa McClelland "Glen Rio" (mp3)
-- The New Slave "Waiting" (mp3)
-- The New Slave "Forward Swing" (mp3)
-- The Traditionist "I Know My Ocean" (mp3)
-- The Traditionist "A Sleep Be Told" (mp3)
-- The Vines "Get Out of Here" (mp3)
-- Viva Voce "Devotion" (mp3)
-- Whiskey Go Gos "Whiskey Rain" (mp3)

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