Mannequin steeze, dancefloor cheese, and pencil piano in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Sugo Day

Sugo Day YouTube

The time has come to flee the city.

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be Up North, as Minnestoans say. I will have absconded to Grand Marais, six hours from the Twin Cities, and boy do I need it. Minneapolis-St. Paul can be a near-paradise, but there’s so much good Minnesota out there that needs to be explored.

My resolution for the week: Listen to Minnesota music not made in the Twin Cities. This week’s Local Frames may be exclusively full of Cities artists, but there’s plenty worth exploring. Bands like Mankato’s Good Night Gold Dust, Moorhead’s Low Standards, and Rochester’s Fires of Denmark, to name a quick few. I’m sure there are more out there, and if you’re among them, be sure to submit your videos for the next edition of Local Frames.

Sugo Day ft. Brakebill – “Shine Sprite”

Sugo Day just released their newest EP, Liminal, last week. In anticipation, Sugo dropped the video for “Shine Sprite” as an indication of what the atmospheric hip-hop record offers listeners. Director Sam Parker doesn’t bother providing Sugo and guest MC Brakebill with much decoration. Instead, the two play out their collaboration in a stark white studio with only mannequins to witness the mood-making.

Brian Zirngible – “Waiting for the Bass”

There’s no place more ridiculous than the dancefloor, and Brian Zirngible will be goddamned if he doesn’t know it. The over-the-top Billy Eichner-lookin’ producer and, yes, licensed family therapist throws a three-person party at the Casket Arts Center in his new video for “Waiting for the Bass.” Once that trusty low-end kicks in, all rationality is gone, and the three partygoers lose themselves in the over-modulated madness. The fun is directed by Jason Narverud of Cute Fox Studios. “Waiting for the Bass” is off the absurdly named record The Elephant of Surprise.

Freaque – “Bag Lady” (live)

Twin Cities musician Gabriel Roderick suffered a C5 spinal cord injury in 2007, and he’s had to get creative to continue to play music. But he’s persisted, adopting the name Freaque and a pencil that he fashions to his wrist to play the piano. The incredible dedication is captured in Freaque’s recent Pony Rug session, where he plays a scraggly version of “Bag Lady.” “Before my injury at age 16, I played piano for 11 years and was well on my way to being a great player,” Roderick says. “Revisiting the piano in this way 10-11 years later has been a very challenging, yet healing experience.” Freaque’s debut record Decompose releases July 20 with a show at the Cedar.

The Sparks – “Empire of Clowns” (lyric video)

We’ve always been Fuck Trump here at Local Frames, so when the Sparks released a new video utterly pantsing the idiot, I had to include it. The jangly basement-rock band forego any subtlety, running the lyrics right along the bottom of the screen. The words follow Trump’s rise to power and the crippling insecurities that have motivated the hellworld we’ve all grown accustomed to over the past three years. At least there’s good music to be made from the whole ordeal.

Taylor James Donskey – “Not Much More to Say” (live)

Get a warm and intimate look at songwriter Taylor James Donskey’s forthcoming record in his new video for “Not Much More to Say.” Staged at Underwood Studios and directed by Courtney Jensen, the video takes you briefly inside Donskey’s recording process, giving you a full glimpse of the contemplative focus he put into the album. It’s less than four minutes long, but it feels like a revealing look at what’s to come. Donskey plays the Aster Cafe on August 24.

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