M.anifest on Snoop, mainstream rap, upcoming free album (VIDEO)

A.K.A., M.anifest comes to CP for Snoop tixx, we make him stay for interview
Minneapolis-via-Ghanaian rapper M.anifest is just weeks from giving away his new release -- The Birds & The Beats -- for free on Nov. 20, which means there's some strong karma coming his way, no doubt. It quite possibly kicked off officially this week when he won free tickets to the Snoop Dogg Wonderland High School tour on CP's dime (he was the first to answer a trivia question correctly @citypages Twitter for our Free Ticket Tuesday giveaway). The impressive lyricist came to our offices to pick up the tickets (as well as his Best Songwriter of 2008 certificate -- oops), so we sat him down to talk about Snoop and other mainstream rap, his native Ghana, and why he's giving away his album.
Video interview after the jump ...

More info (and the sites where you can get his album digitally when it drops):

Click here for a free track from the album as a preview.

Instead of paying for his album, M.anifest suggests you give to YEA. Click for more info.