M.anifest checks in from Ghana


Twin Cities rapper M.anifest has been spending the past few weeks in Ghana, collaborating with his grandfather and getting ready to perform a few shows in his native country. All of his adventures are being filmed as part of the new documentary We Rock Long Distance, which will also feature multi-cultural artists Maria Isa and Tou SaiKo Lee.

M.anifest sent over a little teaser video to show their progress thus far, as well as a song he wrote and recorded on his trip.

[jump] "Greetings from Ghana!" M.anifest writes. "Here's a video we made to recap our intriguing week thus far since we stepped of Delta Airlines."

"After the director, Justin Schell, cut the video, I felt a burst of inspiration and did this track, 'Live From Ghana,' over this Highlife-inspired instrumental which is also the backdrop to the video recap," M.anifest continues. "The track is produced by DJ Juls (Ghana)."

"I'm hoping to do a song with every video recap of this trip we're taking to film for We Rock Long Distance documentary. Peace, M.anifest."

mp3: M.anifest, "Live From Ghana"

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