M.anifest checks in from Ghana

M.anifest checks in from Ghana

Twin Cities rapper M.anifest has been spending the past few weeks in Ghana, collaborating with his grandfather and getting ready to perform a few shows in his native country. All of his adventures are being filmed as part of the new documentary We Rock Long Distance, which will also feature multi-cultural artists Maria Isa and Tou SaiKo Lee.

M.anifest sent over a little teaser video to show their progress thus far, as well as a song he wrote and recorded on his trip.

"Greetings from Ghana!" M.anifest writes. "Here's a video we made to recap our intriguing week thus far since we stepped of Delta Airlines."

"After the director, Justin Schell, cut the video, I felt a burst of inspiration and did this track, 'Live From Ghana,' over this Highlife-inspired instrumental which is also the backdrop to the video recap," M.anifest continues. "The track is produced by DJ Juls (Ghana)."

"I'm hoping to do a song with every video recap of this trip we're taking to film for We Rock Long Distance documentary. Peace, M.anifest."

mp3: M.anifest, "Live From Ghana"

For more on M.anifest's travels, follow his updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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