MaLLy drops "Future's Classic" ahead of tour with Atmosphere

MaLLy drops "Future's Classic" ahead of tour with Atmosphere

Fresh off of bringing Wednesday night's Best New Bands showcase to a triumphant close at First Avenue, local MC MaLLy gives his fans a taste of what his hotly anticipated forthcoming LP will sound like with the brand new track "Future's Classic." The fresh, throwback beats were laid down by Miami producer Rem', but MaLLy truly carries the track with his spirited, emphatic verses and clever wordplay, giving everyone lyrical proof of why he was tabbed to be a big part of Atmosphere's sold-out Welcome to Minnesota Tour in February.

While no official release date has been set for MaLLy's new record, it's quite clear that he's been capturing the attention of hip-hop fans all over the Twin Cities, who are all waiting patiently for the album to drop. And if "Future's Classic" is any indication, MaLLy seems poised and ready to add to the bevy of stellar hip-hop releases that have been coming out of the Twin Cities as of late.

The lyrics of this track reference the growth that MaLLy has undergone during his time in the rap game, while also paying homage to the sound and style that has led hip-hop to this point. By cleverly titling the track "Future's Classic," it shows that while MaLLy will clearly be bringing the sound of hip-hop into the future, he's also not blind to its past.

And rather than buy in to the tiresome, blinged-out braggadocio that plagues much of modern rap music, MaLLy has a distinct flair of a true upstart, and a vivid storytelling style to match, one that is more reminiscent of old school MC's like Rakim and early LL Cool J than any current artist. Here's to hoping that the rest of his album sounds this fresh and inspired, and that MaLLy doesn't keep his fans waiting too long to finally hear it.

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