Mall of America: Fashion capital of Minnesota

Mall of America: Fashion capital of Minnesota

(photo by Aine D)

I've often heard first time MOA visitors complain that they were expecting more unique stores at the mega-mall. To that, I have to ask: why? It's called Mall of America. American malls are filled with stores like Old Navy, the Rainforest Café, Sephora, and Barnes & Noble. To expect anything else from a large mall would be ridiculous.

And like most things in existence, the Mall of America has its own blog. It's a fashion blog.

To be fair, unless you are in high school, Mall of America probably doesn't spring to mind when thinking about places to go to get the latest looks. And so it is wise that teenagers appear to be their main blog demographic. Let's take a closer look at


Style "Cred" is the first section I came across. I'm not really sure why cred is in quotes, but we are talking about a mall, not the streets of New York, so perhaps cred should always be in quotes in this state. This section features teenagers photographed and asked quick questions, not unlike the style slideshows at City Pages or over at VitaMN. It's cute enough, though at least one photo subject appears to be less than pleased about participating (it's ok Liz, you can get out of here after high school).

The next section, called Trends, gives suggestions of things to buy. Did you know that plaid shirts are back? Mary Kate Olsen wore one about three years ago, and the look has finally made it's way to the Midwest suburbs! Joy. Also back: colored jeans. Yikes. I will leave mine where they belong: the '80s.

The next section, Beauty, features items from some obscure store called Sephora. Huh. Never heard of it.

And then there's Fashion Senseless, where friends, family, and fashion experts hold an intervention for their friend. I don't want to alarm you, but I also think it is heavily scripted. Check out this YouTube clip. Hannah has a unique, artistic sense of style. This of course, must be crushed. Side note: Check out Meredith Baxter Birney as the mom (no, not really):

In conclusion, the Mall of America blog is mostly harmless, and decently-executed for what it is. Malls are important for teens after all, because they quarantine them from the rest of us. To check out the blog on your own, click here.

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