Make a Scene mixtape mashes up Polica, Atmosphere, Solid Gold, Prof and more

Make a Scene mixtape mashes up Polica, Atmosphere, Solid Gold, Prof and more
Lizzo photo by Erik Hess; Solid Gold by Nick Vlcek

A music scene as intimate as the Twin Cities has seen genres and styles bleed into one another, and rarely is such hybridization unwelcome. With this mindset, Wide Eyes producers Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name have concocted a mash-up project that combines a lot of Picked to Click alums, like local rappers like Atmosphere, Prof, and the Chalice rapper Lizzo with the sounds from other scenes, including Polica, Solid Gold, and Jeremy Messersmith and have released it as a free download via Soundcloud.

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Certain songs seem to make an oddly logical sense in how seamless they sound. The "Need Your Love" remix works so perfectly that I'm now wanting to hear a Prof vs. BadNraD full-length. TruthBeTold's smooth boasting fuses with the power riffs of Bloodnstuff with ease on the "DMT Flow" remix, meanwhile Solid Gold play an apt backing to Lizzo's spitfire raps with the Chalice. The subtlety of Peter Wolf Crier brings out the Felix's reflective raps on "5ives", while the combination of Sean Anonymous and Strange Names finds a lyrical middle ground as both groups sing about another day in the life.

Other songs create an interesting new juxtaposition that brings new life to tracks. The hugeness of the original Big Quarters beat for "Lou Diamond" has been replaced with Jeremy Messersmith's relaxed guitar and swooning strings, centralizing the lyrics in an interesting way. Franz Diego's party anthem "Waggin' On The Scene" gets a ghostly vibe when laid atop Polica's "I See My Mother". While Atmosphere has worked with live band beats in his career before, but the "Millenium Dodo" remix works to bring hip-hop elements out of Me and My Arrow's experimental sound. 

Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name have highlighted a lot about the local scene's schematics, and how the different genres often start from similar kernels of ideas. If nothing else, this free download is a great representation of the vibrancy of the noise the scene as a whole is making.
Make a Scene mixtape mashes up Polica, Atmosphere, Solid Gold, Prof and more

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