MagiQuest en route to Mall of America


"Do I look like I'm having a good time?!"

We like our fun good and nerdy at Gimme Noise. But after reading up on MagiQuest and, more damningly, watching a scattering of YouTube videos about the upcoming "interactive" amusement zone headed to the MOA, we can say that we may have finally met our match.

WARNING: LARPers tune out-- the video below the jump may cause blood to squirt out of your eyeballs.

Call us crazy, but the chick in the stained sweats and bad perm is kinda ruining MagiQuest's illusion.

So here's the deal-- MagiQuest is a 12,000 square foot adventure complex, in which players are free to roam at their leisure, armed with a magic wand that, as far as we can tell, pretty much acts like a Wii remote. They interact with various video kiosks, each other, and a few big video screens.

We always thought there was soemthing depressing about CosPlay. You know-- the full grown humans dressed as elves and wizards, launching magic missiles at one another at the family cabin on Rush Lake.

But seeing a bunch of beer gutted mallgoers in fanny packs and elastic band denim milling around theme rooms that seem like they were torn out of old sets from Gilligan's Island, dumbly waving small, penile rods at 90s era CGI displays takes the cake-- this, clearly, is role playing for people who just came from Cinnabon.

Take a gander at the video above-- marvel at the cellophane crystals, lighting up like a Simon console. Gaze at the ornately painted walls, and the occasional fake plant (how else will you know you're in the forest world?). Gape at the waiting lobby, where the distantly curious sit in folding chairs like cattle on the killing belt.

If there's anything you should take away from this blog, it's that you can count on Gimme Noise to be there opening day this October. You know what we mean when we say this is our kind of shit.