Magic coolers, paper crafts, and family safari in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

When's the last time you saw a goddam zebra in a local music video?

When's the last time you saw a goddam zebra in a local music video? YouTube

Trump’s gone, so let’s make fun of him.

After flooding the city with his gun-toting cronies, Trump retreated back to whatever golf course he shouts his orders from. In his wake, he left a flood of conflict and anxiety—fertile grounds for any artist hoping to translate the conflict of this age into music.

Local Frames has always been host to video clap-backs at Trump and his regressive policies. Perhaps most famously, City Counselor shoved their jubilant gay agenda in the president’s face back in 2016. Earlier this year, it was the Sparks who were flipping him off in their lyric video. In between, there’ve been dozens of fuck yous to Trump from the likes of Toki Wright, GP Jacob, and Bootsnake and the Girl. You wanna add your name to the list of this constant insurgence? My email is at the bottom of this list.

Betazoid – “Scam Likely”

Press play on Betazoid’s new video for “Scam Likely,” and you’re immediately thrust back into summer. Convertibles, popsicles, motherfuckin’ skateboards, all brought to you by a mysterious, life-giving cooler. The song reaches all the way back to 2018 and the band’s debut EP Scam Likely, which deserves a re-listen after watching this carefree afternoon in Powderhorn Park. Then maybe you’ll be able to let summertime go. AP Looze directed and produced the video.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo – “Glitter”

You know how, once you get glitter on something, you can never get it off? That’s kind of like Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s new song. Once you hear the chorus for “Glitter,” it’s adhered to your mind for the rest of your life. And the kids love it, just as much as they love slapping together some thoughtful crafts and dousing lines of glue in sparkly dust. Worry not, because Koo Koo are dropping another single in November to cleanse your mind of their previous earworm. They also play November 29 at the Cedar and November 30 at the Turf Club.

Miles Island – “Don’t Ask”

Tanzania is a beautiful place, renowned for its wildlife and beaches. In 2013, Jim Bjorklun from Miles Island traveled to the East African country with his family, and he’s still drawing inspiration from the things he saw. The video for the band’s new single “Don’t Ask” is compiled from camcorder footage taken during their tours through Tanzania’s national parks, where Bjorklun was confronted with nature’s majesty at every turn. “‘Don't Ask’ considers how the answers we seek can often be found by looking within, or to the world around us,” Bjorlun says. “I think an example can be seen in nature, where the animals seem to possess answers for many of the questions that humans grapple with.” “Don’t Ask” is the third single from Miles Island’s debut album, Right as Rain, released in June.

CRAM – “Sticks & Stones”

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m an absolute slut for Halloween. Minneapolis rap group CRAM are down for the spooky shit. Their new video for “Sticks & Stones” pays homage to all the great scary movies, from Friday the 13th to A Nightmare on Elm Street to American Psycho. Director Nate P makes the whole thing feel like a slasher flick, with rappers Jaylap and Ziplock downing hallucinogens and rapping over a menacing Shrimpnose beat. “Sticks & Stones” also includes one of the last recorded performances from TyyP, who makes a posthumous appearance toward the end of the video.

Cold Kingdom – “Left Me Haunted” (lyric video)

Epic songs call for epic visuals. Cold Kingdom’s video for their grandiose new song “Left Me Haunted” may only be a music video, but artist Spencer Olson’s animations create something that no standard video could ever capture. As you watch the lyrics spill across the screen in dramatic motions, you feel singer Elissa Pearson’s sorrow ever more acutely. The despair comes to life as the frame cracks and splits apart with each chorus. “Left Me Haunted” is from 2019’s Into the Dark Sky. Cold Kingdom will be announcing their next local show soon, followed by a national tour.

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