Magic Castles announce new album

Magic Castles announce new album

A journey of the mind-- Magic Castles tune in, turn on, drop album (photo courtesy of their Myspace page).

The Lore of Mysticore, Magic Castles' gleaming 2008 release, was a delightfully analog package of handmade gatefold craftsmanship, and the product within was psychadelia of a most appealing stripe, managing to hit the high points of such mindwarped acts as Pink Floyd without dipping so much as a toe into nostalgia for that woebegotten era of pop music.

The album has been hard to find for some time now, thanks to its DIY appeal and the quality of its execution. But, in a blog post on their Myspace page yesterday, the local outfit announced the album's availability on iTunes, Amazon, and

The blog post mentions some "hemming and hawing" involved in the decision to make the album go digital, and it's not hard to see why-- Magic Castles, and the genre to which they throw many astute nods, adhere to a motus operandi that is quickly being hunted to extinction-- the age of album art, of gatefold presentation, of something to have and to hold in your own two hands.

But don't let that stop you. The times aren't changing-- they've already changed. So if you haven't heard the album and don't feel quite like prowling the city looking for it in every nook and cranny, get yourself some internet.

Also uplifting news-- the same blog post mentions their next album, Dreams of Dreams of Dreams, with a drop date of May 2009. That's within arm's reach, people. All the more reason to download The Lore of Mysticore to tide you over for the next month and a half.

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