Maggie Morrison, ex-Lookbook, unveils new track as LaLiberte

Lookbook parting ways

New local band LaLiberte stands to make an impact based on the recently posted demo for a track called "Kelis" just dropped via their bandcamp page.

LaLiberte features Maggie Morrison on vocals,  which have been absent from the traditional song-form scene since her electro group Lookbook split up in 2010. Adding to the production mix, Ben Clark and Doomtree's Cecil Otter provide a bubbling minimalist rhythm and atmosphere that provides a perfect home for Morrison's dextrous voice.

Sounding more lush, relaxed and perhaps less chaotic than the music that's come from these individual's camps the track provides a small glimpse to the new band's offering. The only other information really provided to keep local music fans on their seat is the band's announced first gig, Friday, May 25 at the Turf Club with Wiping Out Thousands and Basuketto.

With a tight set and the right mood LaLiberte's potential should know no bounds. We'll wait eagerly for their further exploration of the outer musical tropospheres.

Lookbook parting ways

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