Madonna's St. Paul show "REALLY REALLY SUCKED," says reader

"What did you expect, Carol?"
"What did you expect, Carol?"
Photo by Tony Nelson

From time to time, we get letters. And then sometimes we get really colorful, impassioned letters. This is one of them. 

Our reader Carol flew up to St. Paul from Florida to check one off the bucket list: Madonna in all her live glory -- at long last. This came at considerable expense, with over $2k spent on tickets, her flight, and souvenirs. But was it worth it? As a "lifelong classical, pop and rock lead and backup singer," Carol was roundly disgusted by what she experienced at Madonna's show Saturday at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. (Gimme Noise attended too.) Even after dropping $188 at the bar, she still didn't have a good time.

While Gimme Noise had some reservations about the show, Carol was madder than the Vatican the first time they heard "Like a Prayer." Among her complaints: Madonna didn't sing, Madonna didn't dance, Madonna didn't employ backup singers, Madonna only looks as fabulous as 66-year-old Cher, Madonna is greedy, Madonna's MDNA is "worthless crap," and so forth.

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Here is Carol's entire letter:

Madonna Review Nov. 3 St. Paul, MN

Review for Mpls Star & Trib tomorrow [Note: Not sure why we received this.]

Madonna SUCKED!

I personally attended the Madonna "spectacle" last Saturday evening, Nov. 3nd, at the EXCEL Center in St. Paul with great anticipation. My "event" tickets were purchased with glee (AND personal savings) last February. I flew from my home in Orlando, FL to MN especially to attend the event with my best friend.

It SUCKED! It REALLY REALLY SUCKED! (I'd use harsher language but choose to take the high road and not reveal the total extent of my rage and outrage in the event children are present).

I rate the event as the #1 worst "performance" I have ever attended in my entire life (I'm about Madonna's age, so I've attended my fair share). To use the term "concert" in this context would be a compliment I am unwilling to extend.

As a lifelong classical, pop and rock lead and backup singer I have always considered it my job to sing. Saturday evening Madonna didn't, not a single note! Additionally, throughout my career, I have often been required to dance, she didn't do that either, not a single kick! She walked up and down the stage quite a few times and even performed a pose or two (nothing I'd call a Vogue). Madonna even performed some basic clever physical tricks including some impressive lifts by her dancers (who did all the heavy lifting)!

"Nothing I'd call a Vogue."
"Nothing I'd call a Vogue."
Photo by Tony Nelson

In her defense, Madonna did put on one kick ass amazing pre-recorded display of contemporary audio visual technology with a few live laser thrills sprinkled in.

Her dancers remain exquisite, 2nd to none, proficient in every possible style. They are captivating, beautiful and her only redeeming quality. I hope she pays them very well, they deserve it! I have only my own intuitive inkling this is not the case. I suspect Madonna is cheap! She no longer employs backup singers (why waste the money)??

Madonna looks FABULOUS, but so does Cher (who turned 66 May 20, 2012)!

After racking my singer's brain the entire following day & night, I can only come up with one possible explanation for this travesty disguised as a concert: GREED! Yup, one of the famed 7 deadly sins. Madonna, don't you have enough money to retire?


I WANT A FULL refund: $1,500.00 for 2 tickets (YES, that's 1,500 dollars not even seated in the VIP circle), my return airfare $429, airport shuttle to Orlando MCO $65 includes 15% tip, cab fare to EXCEL & home $76 includes 15% tip, $80 for 2 t-shirts, and a bar tab of $188, also includes tips. (Buyer Beware - a vodka tonic at EXCEL Center is $26 before tip!) I have receipts!

Grand Total: $ 2,238.00, send a certified bank check promptly please.

To anyone considering purchasing any new "work", called MDNA, by Madonna - think again! It also SUCKS, you'll only regret you wasted your hard earned money on worthless crap. Rather, consider tipping your server or cab driver 20% next time you have the opportunity. There are plenty of us hard deserving workers out here working our arses off to pay our mortgages, health insurance, and send our kids to school too!

Don't allow Madonna to destroy one of your hard earned bucket list dreams like she did mine!

Carol [Redacted]
[Redacted], Florida

Madonna's St. Paul show "REALLY REALLY SUCKED," says reader
Photo by Tony Nelson

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