Macklemore destined for Target Center; Zac Brown headed to Target Field

Ya boys Macklemore and Zac Brown

Ya boys Macklemore and Zac Brown

For fans of problematic mainstream rap, a slam dunk. For fans of beanie-topped mainstream country, a home run. For fans of respectable music journalism, no hope. 

That's a roundabout way of saying aggressively wack rap star Macklemore is coming to Target Center — where the Timberwolves play! — on June 8, and country star Zac Brown will arrive at Target Field — where the Twins play! — on May 28. Both of those announcements came Monday, the same day as news of Wilco and Kurt Vile's August 20 gig at Hall's Island hit. 

First up, let's address the Macklemore in the blog post. The superstar MC behind "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love" has become a blogosphere lightning rod, one that's zapped on the reg with charges of cultural appropriation and general wackness. Macklemore, in his own, clumsy, well-intentioned way, attempted to address the former in January with "White Privilege II," the second single off This Unruly Mess I've Made, his new album with producer Ryan Lewis.

Any brownie points the controversial Grammy-winner scored turned to dust with the release of his song "Spoons," however, an unforgivable track on which we hear Mack say "boo-boo thang" and rap about his "D." God help us. Earlier this month Stereogum called it "the worst song ever recorded," and they might just be right.  

All that said, tickets — $34.50-$64.50 — to Macklemore's Target Center show go on sale 10 a.m. Friday via the Target Center box office and at The Unruly Mess Tour has just 14 scheduled stops, including one at Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival. 

On to Zac Brown! The recently slimmed-down star of country and Southern rock opened Target Field for Kenny "The Chez" Chesney back in 2013, but Brown's batting cleanup this go-'round ... which is to say he's headlining (these metaphors are messy, people). Also of note: Motherfucker's wearing a top hat these days! What a world. 

Anyway, Brown's upcoming Black Out the Sun Tour comes just three months after the conclusion of his Jekyll + Hyde Tour. It's almost as if the guy makes $10 million per year doing this! The new, 26-date stadium tour is yet again in support Jekyll + Hyde, the Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band's album from 2015. The album's title is a ham-fisted allusion to the fact they take on multiple musical personalities throughout, including EDM and straight-up pop. 

Twins season ticketholders and American Express cardholders can score pre-sale Zac Brown tickets beginning March 8. For the rest of us, they go on sale 10 a.m. March 12 via the Twins website.