Macalester radio station dedicates mix to Phantom Vibration's Henry Mackaman

Macalester radio station dedicates mix to Phantom Vibration's Henry Mackaman
Photo by Rigoberto Lara + James Christenson

There are all sorts of reasons to pick up the mixtape compiled by WMCN 91.7 FM, Macalester's college radio station. First of all, it's a well-curated snapshot of indie rock acts performing regularly and powerfully around town. Among them are Mac-tied groups Carroll (above) and Bad Bad Hats, who have both gotten abundant spins in the Gimme Noise offices. But dig deeper, and there are more shades of garage rock, psychedelia, power pop, and noise to be found within.

Additionally, the 14-track compilation is dedicated to the memory of Phantom Vibration's Henry Mackaman, a talented young guitarist and songwriter who recently passed away.

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The project was spearheaded by WMCN staffer John Kreitzberg, and has a 14-page companion zine that can be found at local cafes, record stores, and the Macalester campus. "We agreed that a mixtape would be the perfect accompaniment to the zine," WMCN's Eliza Summerlin says. "It would really bring it to life. We didn't really see one existing without the other.

The full dedication to Henry Mackaman reads: "This mix is dedicated to the memory of Henry Mackaman, guitarist of Phantom Vibration. His talent and warmness has had a huge impact [on] the Twin Cities music scene, as well as all who met him. He will be greatly missed."

Here's the track listing, which includes songs by Carroll, GREY (coyote), Strange Names, Gloss, Hollow Boys, Strange Relations, Nice Purse, Teenage Moods, Nallo, Miami Dolphins, Human Kindness, Prissy Clerks, the Velveteens, and Bad Bad Hats.

Macalester radio station dedicates mix to Phantom Vibration's Henry Mackaman

Download the mix here.

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